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Euro-iMop Lite

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Specifications OT Lite OT XL
Rated voltage DC36V DL24V
Working width 430mm
Squeegee width 450mm 500mm
Operation time 1200m2/h 1200m2/h
Work time 80 min 120 min
Brush speed 350 rpm 200 rpm
Disc brush motor 200W (brushless) 2 x 200W (brushless)
Disc brush pressure 8kg 20kg
Vacuum motor 150W 200W
Vacuum pressure 120mbar 120mbar
Turning radius 30cm 30cm
Clean water tank capacity 4L 4L
Waste tank capacity 6L 4.5L
Noise level 68dBa 75dBa
Battery pack DC 36V, 10.4Ah, 374.4Wh 2 x 8 AH-24V Lithium
Charging time 4h 4h
Total weight of the machine 17kg 27kg
Product size 1200*450*360 1190*590*430

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